Kendara Laurel

(Psychic Reading) I was bowled away by my session with Kendara. Not only did she accurately pick up on my concerns, she went through several “tools” with me that helped to ease my worry. I can continue to use them on my own. After my session with Kendara I felt much lighter and had an overall feeling of relief. I have experienced many readings of various kinds and I rank Kendara with the best of them. Marya O

(Tarot Class)  I took Fredda Laurel’s Tarot Class actually i was in the 1st Class….. it was great fun, and a lot of information. Fredda was prepared with handout with each instruction. I agree with Michelle, that Fredda really sold the point that this is an intuitive tarot class. I might not have understood what each card of the tarot meant, but i did understand what intuition was and how to be guided by it. I so much appreciated what Fredda taught me, I could never repay her. I moved out of state and joined up with another Tarot Meetup Group in California, where my knowledge and proficiency grew. It all started with Fredda Kendara Laurel.  Paul Verschueren

(Psychic Development Class) This was a wonderful development class! I learned a lot! It was nice to experience and learn different types of gifts from others. I finally understand and know which abilities to work and focus on. Great class!  Anna Estrada

(Mentoring Class Testimonials) My experience is this Class was too short! It was a really great experience to be able to be open and honest about what thoughts you were having while you are doing something like this. The people i took the class with were very insightful, and Fredda–I can’t say enough about her. The information she gives out during class, and the refreshing atmosphere in which she delivers it to us was a nice little wake up call from someone who is doing something that I wish more people would try. I learned a lot, and I also learned that some people are better at certain clairvoyance’s than others. The first Class is a very interesting one when everyone pulls out an object and makes comments on what message they are getting from it–there is such a thing as trying too hard. The main lessons learned, in this case, was to let it flow more. The main thing I got out of this class was to trust in your intuitions–and above and beyond, to trust in yourself. The general consensus from everyone i took this class with was a cosmic event that we were supposed to meet for some reason or another–glad it happened the way it did. Highly recommended if you are on the start or in the midst of a more Spiritual Path. Thank you, Fredda! Corey Chapman

In just one month in Fredda’s mentoring class, I have experienced: · an awareness of “psychic” abilities I didn’t know I had · greater confidence using my primary gifts · encouragement from other seekers in the class · a warm, supportive, fun environment · new meditative and healing techniques · a look at unique intuitive approaches of other class members · informative, helpful, practical handouts for later reference · . . . and most of all, Fredda’s low-key, inclusive spirit! I’m not done …looking forward to many more sessions ahead!!! (Chris Guleff, Metaphysical Designs – I Ching Consultations by Chris)

Thank you Fredda for a magnificent mentoring class, it was so refreshing to learn that meditation can be so simple and not stress about getting it “right”. Looking back everything was made simple in your class, not only meditation, healing, sensing energy, seeing energy and even reading objects and people! You loving and compassion energy makes a big difference in the class! I loved it. Blessings of love and light, (Lisseth Wertz, Intuitive guide, Energy healer) 

I decided to take a course in learning to be psychic…. from a skeptical point of view.  I am a doctor and thought it might help with my practice. The mentoring class was fun, and to my surprise, learned that I am capable of listening to that part of my self.  Fredda is very knowledgeable and supportive. The class was a good experience.  (Dr. J)

I love’d the one-day intuitive tarot class I took with you. 1st, you have so much patience! I am a very visual person, so it’s hard for me to learn, and you took time for me. What I learned in one day would have regularly taken me six classes. I love being able to do it in one class! I will be taking more classes with you in the future! Great teacher, great class, great price! With much love and gratitude. (Marian ‘Mony’ Millan)

Right after I sat down for my reading with Fredda she told me that my daughter was going to be all right. I hadn’t even asked a question yet. My daughter did have surgery and she is fine now. I also took a meditation class from Fredda. She is a wonderful facilitator. Fredda explained everything that was important for the beginning Meditator and also provided a wonderful guided meditation that even an experienced Meditator could enjoy. (Kay D)

I can’t say enough positive things about Fredda and her class about healing. I wasn’t very experienced with Metaphysical things at all but by the end she had me reading auras, using the pendulum (although I wasn’t very good at it), understanding color and I sort of healed a lady’s tooth. It got hot when I put my hand near it. And personally, I consulted her off to the side about a problem I had and she gave excellent feedback. It really helped me! But I think she may be a psychic or something😉 (Nina J)

Fredda’s Tarot class is fun and very informative! The thing I liked most about this class was how Fredda easily led us to greater understanding of the Tarot through her many years of experience combined with her deep intuitive abilities. She is very supportive of the learning process and keeps it fun and non-threatening. (SB)

“I would highly recommend this class on Intuitive Tarot. Not only is Fredda highly knowledgeable on the subject, but she also makes the class really fun. Within the first week we were giving readings and learning to trust our intuitive powers. Whether you are interested in becoming a professional reader or just want to learn about this fascinating medium, this is a great place to start!” (BD)

Thank you again for the most fantastic session yesterday.  I feel so enlightened! I am going to get the book you recommended and I have started enrolling in a MBA program at CU Denver.  I am also making time for meditating. I finally managed to have a full night of sleep last night. I am a new, fresh person. You have opened this gate for me; I have more hope than ever.  You have helped me with notions I was not even aware of.! I am so happy and my friends have already noticed a burden was lifted off me. (JI)

I just can’t thank you enough for the reading and healing the other day! You exceeded my expectations.  I was not expecting a change in my work environment or even close relationships with friends. Upon arriving to work the next day, I quickly noticed a change in the way my boss treated me as well as the CEO. There was more of a natural positive connection. I was comfortable being myself and they were comfortable communicating to me more of the positive things that they appreciated about meWhich in the two years we have worked together I have never heard them say. I have also noticed that I have taken down some of my defenses to allow people  closer. I feel as if there was a shift within me that I am more satisfied with myself and where I am at in my life. I look forward to noticing more changes that may occur in the future and am grateful that our paths crossed. I will be back for more readings in the future. (JL)

Thank you for your Healing Class, Fredda.  All the subjects we covered (meditation, chakras, use of a pendulum, hands-on healing and auras) were very informative.  I loved that throughout the class what you taught we were then able to try on each other. I know I received amazing healings from not only you, but also from the other students.  Every time I take a class with you, Fredda, I learn an immense amount of information that is easy to understand and utilize. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing and significant knowledge.  (Jill)

Dear Fredda, Thank you so much for offering your connect with your inner healer class!! From grounding basics, mediation basics, Chakra healing with the pendulum, light healing, reading auras, hands on healing, and Chakra crystal healing, they are all tools that I can use to help benefit my loved ones, clients and myself! I’m a massage therapist and have been able to intertrade what you taught us in with my services! I truly enjoyed the hands on learning, being that’s how I learn the best:) Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, so we to can share it with others!! I look forward to other classes that you will be offering in the future!! In peace, (Amber Toomey, CMT)