You Might Get What You Need.

Today the plastic turntable on my microwave melted. This caused the glass turntable to crack, and the plate on top of the turntable to melt on top of the turntable. Taking the turntable out and trying to separate the plate only made things worse. So I sadly entertain the possibility that perhaps I am going to have to stop using a microwave and start cooking. I know how to cook, I just find it easier to pop something into the microwave, set the timer and take out this un-energized food item several minutes later. This promises to be an interesting turn of events, and if I allow myself to be open, it might be a healthy one as well. Of course, there is always the opportunity that I might chuck it all and get a new microwave, but maybe I will wait awhile and see how it goes. I do have a perfectly good stove. It is gas, so I turn it on weekly to see if it still works. Anyway, the point of all this is that perhaps I want to be more health conscious, and perhaps cooking seems like a good way to start.

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