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Hi. I am Fredda (or Katey) Laurel. I am taking this opportunity to share views, thoughts & ideas. I will also use this space to recommend books or other information I want to share with you. Please feel free to direct any questions to me in the ‘Contact Fredda‘ part of this website. Namaste, Fredda

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  1. I’ve known Fredda Laurel for about two decades and have consulted her more times than I can count, especially at significant crossroad moments in my life.

    In my judgement, Fredda ranks among the the rare breed of authentic psychics who genuinely practices the art of intuitive reading. She says what she perceives, and that’s all. She does not make rash assertions. She does not fabricate fluff to please you, nor tell you whatever she senses you want to hear. Her integrity, in my experience, is impeccable.

    So, If you are looking for a trustworthy reader and objective spiritual counselor, please give Fredda call, and then trust your own guidance about whether she is right for you.


    Judah Freed
    Author, GLOBAL SENSE

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