Why Meditate?

Meditation is one of the most important things you can do. The purpose is to connect you with your higher self,

Some of the benefits of Meditation:
It can enhances your intuition
It increases mental strength and focus
It can help you ignore distractions for better concentration
It can relax you
Meditation doesn’t not have to be hard Even 10 minutes a day is really effective

Here is a really simple Meditation you can do daily. Called ‘Mindful Meditation’.

1. Sit in a chair or on the floor, head, neck and back straight – 2. Gaze Down, eyes open. Hands comfortable
3. Breathe in through nose. Hold it 5 seconds, As you breathe out, say ‘Breathing’. Become aware each breath
4. Watch every thought come and go, When thoughts come up, note them, remain calm and use your breathing as an anchor.
5 If you find yourself getting carried away in your thoughts, observe where your mind went, and s return to your breathing
6. As the time comes to a close. Sit for a minute or two. Get up gradually.
You can also keep a pen and notebook next to where you meditate, in case you get any insights,

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