Should I Stay…Or Walk Away?

I will not be doing my radio show tomorrow. I am not having fun.
I don’t feel like I have a lot to offer people at this time. I think this period is a time for self growth.
I am enjoying my meetups, teaching classes. I love mentoring-and the students I work with each week. I feel it is a calling.

I don’t feel this radio program is….at least not with the format I have it under.

I tried to cancel it once before, but listend to sources rather than my own inner wisdom and intuition.

At any rate, I am going to step away for awhile.
More teaching and Mentoring
More readings and classes
And more time to learn and grown.
In new directions.

Sometimes it is hard to know whether or leave
or stay and work harder.

I choose to walk away for now, excited about the next step.

The nice thing about choosing to leave, is that you can always choose to return.

(Originally posted May 8, 2013)

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