What Kind of Difference do You Want to Make?

I just got back from ‘Sicko’ (Michael Moore’s newest film) and regardless of how you feel about Michael Moore, the man isn’t afraid to do something when he sees an apparent injustice. It made me think: what makes someone courageous enough to go out and do something, at the risk of alienating some people? So many times I’ve ‘thought about’ doing something, but then I didn’t. Laziness, fear ..any number of reasons I didn’t follow through. There are so many opportunities out there to make a difference. We don’t all have to create a documentary. The changes can be minuscule. Even smiling at someone, holding a door for somebody or perhaps volunteering at some organization (several times or even once) can be places to start. Now I am beginning to see that perhaps how much I do isn’t as important as just doing something. It is the intent which can make all the difference.

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