There’s a Show playing at the Denver Center Theater Company right now called ‘Well’. It asks why some people get well, while others don’t. I have been wondering that a lot lately. My 57 year old sister is fighting cancer. She is doing everything she can to recover. The will and determination of this woman amazes me. I’ve known her her entire life, and never realized the drive she has. My question is, why aren’t all the steps she is taking to recover, working more efficiently? . My brother, on the other hand, ended this life last July. Although I don’t know all the details surrounding his decision, I wonder what would cause my sister to do everything in her power to get well, while brother chose to end it. I wonder what I would have done in either of their positions. I have found that the challenges of these past six months have been painful, and, at times, almost unbearable. I have also discovered, however, that my spiritual strength has given me the power to help me survive, and for this, I am incredibly grateful.

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