Walking the Walk

I experienced a blessing today. I had gone to a small sandwich place.. As I opened the door of the shop (to escape the cold, as well as get some lunch), I observed two men (obviously down on their luck-perhaps homeless) just standing near the window talking and looking outside. I ordered my sandwich and sat down. The place was rather deserted except for myself, another woman eating at a nearby table, and the two men I had seen when I came in. As I sat eating, I noticed another man (probably homeless, at least in need of assistance), come into the shop, go up to the counter, take a key to the men’s room, go into the men’s room and come out. Still another man came in, walked up to the self-serve coffee urns and stand there for a minute. ‘You waiting for me, man?’, the manager smiled, as he handed the man an empty Styrofoam cup. The man smiled, filled the cup with coffee and left. I then realized that what I had witnessed was Divine love in action. The men inside the warm cozy shop: the two men standing by the window chatting, the one who had come in to use the mens room and left, and the man who had graciously been given a cup of coffee, had all been recipients of unconditional love. The manager, obviously, wasn’t getting anything for his actions, but he was giving a lot. The men in the shop had been given warmth, the opportunity to use the mens room, a hot beverage to drink. They had all received random acts of kindness, with nothing asked in return. It is said that anyone observing someone performing an act of kindness is blessed. In this case I was richley blessed. On the way out, I gave a dollar to a street vendor selling papers for the homeless. It was a small act, but perhaps someone observing was blessed.

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