Tune Into Your Intuition

In today’s ever changing world, I find it increasingly helpful to trust my intuition,. One way I tune into my intuition is by becoming still and going within (made helpful through meditation). When I meditate, I tune more into my intuition and am able to listen and hear the messages I am being given. This doesn’t mean I need to follow every message I get, but it certainly is helpful for me, when I do.  So, you ,might wonder  ‘What are some helpful ways to tune into and develop my intuition? Well Meditation as I have already mentioned, is one of the best ways to tune into your intuition by connection with your Higher Self (through which all message and insights come).   in a nutshell, the idea of Meditation is to connect you with your Higher Self and I find that just sitting silently and breathing in for 5 minutes, holding it and breathing out for another five minutes. Putting your tongue lightly on the roof of your mouth where the teeth and soft palette meet is another tip for enhancing or stimulating your pineal gland – something which has the potential to increase your intuition. I usually meditate in the morning (right a before I get out of bed, I get up and/or at night or in the evening, right before bed. I find this just really allows me to maintain consistency easily. It is also a great way to begin or end the day.

There are a multitide of ways to meditate. One of the best I have found is a free application: Insight online timer: https://insighttimer.com/

Here Are Some Other Suggestions You Might Find Helpful:


  • Make a date with yourself on your calendar and allow 2 -3 hours.
  • When the time comes, get in your car (or if you are without a car, you can walk) and begin to drive without knowing where you are going.
  • Resist the first few ‘ideas’ you have about where you are going. Wait for the idea that makes your body very relaxed. Your body is your best barometer of what is right-if your choice arises from intuition, you will experience inner stillness, ‘knowing’ it is right.
  • When the barometer is correct, go visit the person, place, or event that is suggested. I do this frequently, and am amazed at the wonderful experiences I get doing this


  • Ask yourself: If I knew I would receive help from my intuition, what is it I am most concerned about or most interested in growing now-relationship skills, rewarding career, personal evolution, financial stability, etc.
  • Formulate a question and ask it internally as often as you can.

Of course There are so many other exercises and practices to help you develop your gifts which I will touch on in future articles. But I wanted to at least share something with you which I think might be helpful.

ONE MORE THING:  You might be wondering how you can  tell whether the messages you are receiving are actually your intuition,or just you?. IWith Intuition it is this quiet understated knowing Almost a gentle push. Just trust the process and practice. Developing your intuition is like exercising a muscle. The more you do it, the stronger it becomes.

Well,that is it for now, I look forward to sharing more on developing your intuition in future articles. .

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