Thoughts as Things

Lately I have been in a crummy mindset much of the time. Not constantly, but much of the time. It has been affecting my relationships with others on many levels. The negativity I have felt has been reflected right back to me by individuals I might have been judgmental towards. Today I was sitting at work when one of my associates came in. As she sat there, I realized there was something about her I thought I didn’t like. Instead of putting a cap on this train of thought and focusing on some of her positive qualities I let myself continue this judgmental thinking. Later that morning, as I was walking towards the community kitchen, I overheard her telling another employee how much she disliked me. I felt bad of course, but realized that when one focuses on the negative, that’s what they get back. This has been a great lesson for me. Next time I will focus on finding positive qualities about someone – instead of negative ones.

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