This Is My Annual New Years Assessment List

Every year I list three things I accomplished that year.
Then I list three things I intend to accomplish for the New Year.
Here is this year’s list:
This is my yearly New Years List of of three things I accomplished in 2012
and three things I intend to manifest in 2013
In 2012 I:
1. I became more aware that ever that physical death does not mean the end of a relationship-it continues it is just different.
2. Saw my Introduction to Metaphysics meetup group grow even more (940 members & still growing)
3. Aired my first blog radio show with the help of my producer Paul Verschueren.
In 2013 I Intend to:
1. Travel anywhere and everywhere and optimize this opportunity.
2. Find a sustainable community with my soul group.
3. Have my classes, groups, and radio show grow and inspire and assist others on their journey (and me too)

What does your list look like?

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