The Times They Are a Changing

It is sometimes tempting to stay with what is comfortable. Change can, after all, be unfamiliar. Without it, however, how can there be room for the new to manifest? I recently lost my job. At first, I was devastated. As time passed, however, I began to see how this occurrence had been needed for the new to manifest. This realization was brought home very clearly when I was speaking to a friend about a week ago. ‘I lost my job’, I said. ‘Congratulations’, she replied, ‘this means you graduated.’ I was puzzled by her response. How, I wondered, could this situation be considered a graduation? ‘You see’, she continued, ‘when you remain with something you should have left a long time ago, the Universe takes you out of it, so that you can be ready to do what you came here to do.’ I think she may be right. No, let me rephrase this, I know she is.

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