The I Ching: A Brief Introduction

The I Ching (or Oracle of Changes) is over 5000 years old. It is the second oldest book in the Ancient Chinese library. Until recently every educated Asian was expected to know it. The I Ching  was first brought to the West (Germany) in 1926 by Richard Wilhelm, a German Christian Missionary, in 1926.

Put simply, the seeker asks a question and throws coins. The answer one receives is based on how the coins land. Although it is incredibly simple to do, the I Ching is also extremely accurate and insightful. I think the reason I like it is because there is no way one can control the way the coins fall, For me, the I Ching it is truly a way to connect with ones Higher Self.

Although I have studied the I Ching for 28 years, I am still amazed at its  accuracy and insight.  (Originally published August 6, 2013)



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