The Choice Was Made

I have always been torn between working in Metaphysics or choosing the Corporate World. Part of me believes I need a 40 hour a week office job, with a regular paycheck, benefits and vacations. The other part (my soul urge part) believes that I can follow the Metaphysical path (through teaching and doing readings) and will receive the clients, business, connections I need. In the past, I have always opted for the corporate (even though I felt unfulfilled and depressed). Granted, I was grateful for a regular job, however, a part of me felt I was selling out because I didn’t feel the Universe would supply. Last week I made a choice. Offered an opportunity for a ‘regular’ job, I decided to throw caution to the winds, and act on faith. I decided to be courageous. I choses the Metaphysical. Courage is when you feel the fear and do it anyway. If you jump, the net will be there.

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