Taking a Chance

I have tended to live safely for much of my life. Sure-I’ve been courageous when I needed to be, or when I could see the vision at the end of the project. However, I like being comfortable, and knowing I will have food on the table and a place for the cat and myself. Suffice to say that fear has tended to cause me to miss out on opportunities more than once,

Well, this year has been one of great growth and opportunity, and as I approach my September 28th birthday (about 10 days from now), I can honestly say I stepped outside the box a little more. About a month ago, I was invited to participate in Spirit Fest, a huge event held annually at Camp Chesterfield, a Spiritualist Community in Chesterfield, Indiana.

During an astrological reading I had recently, I was told some opportunities would come up and they might be offered only once. So when the chance to go to Indiana appeared, I knew I had to take it, because life is short, and some opportunities only come once. And so I am going for it.


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