Sunday Night

I have a stomach ache. Fear and vulnerability always affect me in that area. I think too much sometimes, however, the only thing which I get when I think too much is a headache. The duties and errands of this coming week loom ahead. I’ll get them done. I just need to methodically do each one as the need or time arises. I am excited about the idea of being responsible and getting stuff done. I just get ahead of myself sometimes and find myself mentally caught up in things which I don’t need to be so concerned with. A woman I used to work with used color coding to prioritize her tasks. Red was used to highlight things needing immediate attention; green represented things which needed doing but maybe not as quickly; orange would be used to mark things which needed doing, but could take a little more time. Anyway, I thought the idea was a great one. Maybe I’ll try using it more.

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