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May 2019 Be The Best Year Ever!

2018 was interesting, to say the least! There were so many lessons and gifts during this time.

I began a Prayer Partner class, so I can pray with others. I have always been a huge Meditator. I teach classes in Meditation and honestly believe it is one of the most important things one can do. When I added Intentional Prayer, I learned that Prayer, when combined with meditation,can be even more  powerful and effective. I intend to carry this through 2019. Already the results have been incredible.

On  September 20th, a woman ran over my left foot,. I was stopped at a stop sign and she didn’t see me. The resulting t fracture taught me much about manifestation and visualization. By combining Prayer with Meditation, I was able to focus on the healing which was there. This doesn’t mean the foot wasn’t fractured, but Nine weeks later I was able to go for a two hour walk, and I am more thankful than ever.  I am excited to learn more about how the two can work together. I will write more about this in future blogs.

I am also learning to let go of things which really aren’t that important, and really focus on the larger picture. If something isn’t going to serve anything but my little hamster wheel monkey mind, I will replace it with something more positive.

That is one of my 2019 goals. At any rate I hope that 2019 is the best year for you yet.

That you are able to leave the things of 2018 which no longer serve you, and go into 2019 with excitement, optimism and love.

Blessings and Great Love



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