Random Acts of Kindness

I love the concept of ‘random acts of kindness’. You know – the idea of doing something for another person, with no expectation of recognition. I remember going to a party one time and giving readings for about eight women. I had just been laid off from my regular job, and really needed to watch my pennies. I don’t know whether I shared my situation with anyone at the party. When I got home, however, something ‘urged’ me to look in the pocket of the jacket I had worn that day. In the pocket was an envelope with the words ‘thank you’ written on it. Inside the envelope was a $100 bill. Especially appreciated at the time. I don’t know who the generous donor was. (I have an idea, but can’t be sure-since no signature was included). I will, however, always be thankful to them for that random act of kindness.

Every day brings some opportunity to do some random act of kindness for someone. It may be as small as saying hello to someone. As I walked on the Mall this afternoon, a man asked whether I would buy one of his dollar newspapers (the kind homeless people sell). I turned to him and explained, ‘I am sorry, but I have no money one me’. ‘That’s ok’, he replied, thanks for acknowledging me’. You just have no way of knowing how the smallest sincere gesture will affect someone.

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