Pumpkin Ice Cream

I am addicted to exercising. There is something  about being in nature which really invigorates and energizes me, on so many levels. One of my favorite things to do is take an ‘intuitive’ walk. I probably do this about three times a week. Although I usually  have some idea about where I want to go, this often changes once I start walking.

This afternoon, for instance, I originally planned on going downtown and walking the 16th Street Mall. However, as I walked out the door of my building I got a  strong feeling to go straight (instead of turning, left, as I originally planned). I must have walked about four blocks further in that direction than I ordinarily would have. As I continued on my journey, I decided to turn right, and found myself on a street I had never been on before. In the distance I noticed what appeared to be several groups of people sitting at small round tables in front of an ice cream place. As I walked past, I heard one woman tell her friend that the pumpkin ice cream there was the best – something I never would have known if I hadn’t been there  at that moment.

I am learning that when I allow myself to trust my intuition and listen, things just seem to flow so  more smoothly.  I have all kinds of great adventures, and learn all kinds of interesting things, like where to find pumpkin ice cream.

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