Psychic Development

If we worried less about how people see us, and more about being true to ourselves, we would be more in tune with the best action to take at the time.   Meditation is a great way to increase the intuition for this to occur. The most optimal state for this of mind is to remain actively calm and calmly active. When we are in this state of receptivity. We’re more likely to be in tune with the needs at the moment. Things seem easier; more. Calmness will come as a result of daily meditation. This creates the condition for intuitive perception (or greater psychic awareness) to develop. It becomes easier to develop this (psychic awareness)

Intuition is something everyone has at his or her disposal. Development of it is, however, up to the individual. We can use this skill whenever we desire. There are many exercises to develop it. It’s important to realize that people have different types of psychic abilities. Some are feelers; they get information their intuition through feeling. Often these people have great healing ability. Others are clairvoyant (or clear seeing). They receive their impressions through pictures. An example was when I was at a friend’s house. She had lost her wallet. Instantly I received an impression of a brown purse in her closet. I mentioned this to her. Turns out she’d put the purse away; not realizing her wallet was in it. The other two types of intuition (to be discussed in future articles) are clairaudience (or the gift of hearing) and prophecy. People who are clairaudient receive information through thoughts. Prophecy is the gift of knowing. It is also the hardest one to recognize, because it happens so quickly. Although prophecy can predict, but contrary to popular belief, it can also give insight or new awareness into things, which have already happened. For instance, let’s say you wondered why a friend was so cold to you the last time you got together. Suddenly, you remember that you owe them money. This information appears as a feeling or sense. We will discuss these various psychic abilities in greater detail later, as well as exercises to develop these skills. In the meantime, meditation, as previously mentioned, is a great way to develop and strengthen your intuition and receptivity.


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