Overcoming Adversity

I have been going through much negativity lately. This applies to all levels (physical, Spiritual, emotional). The beauty of this is that things always turn out, somehow. When I do I-Ching readings on the situation, I always receive the same answer: This is a period of growth and change. It will welcome in the new. The tarot card #16, The Tower, indicates that the meaning behind this is that things which no longer serve me must be released, so the new, can begin. Wow! I feel like I have a row boat, with no paddle, but there is a Divine map of guidance, reassuring me that ‘This Too Shall Pass’ (as my grandmother, Fran, used to say). Hanging on to the old simply makes it impossible to welcome the new, more suitable. In the meantime, I am trying to welcome the experiences. I know the changes with allow me to be stronger, more positive and of greater service to all.

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