On Raising Your Vibes

Your thoughts create your destiny, as it says in the book, ‘Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. This is an idea from that book which I really resonate with. It is not possible for you to consistently have positive thoughts about something and have it turns out badly. By the same respect, it isn’t possible to feel consistently badly about something and have it turn out well.

The thing is, paying attention to your feelings, can be a valuable tool, to assist you in determining when you need to make some changes. Your well being can be largely affected by your thoughts. By paying attention to how you feel, and constantly directing your thoughts to things, which raise your vibration can make you feel better, and bring harmony back into your life. The secret or trick for doing this is to this to occur is to be aware of your feelings, noticing when you need to feel better.

It isn’t necessary or totally realistic to totally change your mood drastically. It is, however, necessary to do this gradually. Your emotions are the best tool for determining when you need to do this. The secret lies in doing it gradually. It really isn’t even important to recognize why you feel badly the important thing is to shift your attention to thoughts, which can elevate your mood. This can be done through music, nature; even just recognizing that you feel badly.

Anything that shifts your attention and lets you raise your emotional state to one of higher vibration will work.  When you focus on  thoughts and feelings which attract  higher vibrations, it is easier to manifest what you want.   This is because like attracts like. Hence a positive mindset  has the potential to attract more. of the same

For this reason, I find gratitude and meditation to be two of the best ways to  do this.  Meditation,  because it allows you to connect with your Higher Self , allowing you to release that which limits you. Gratitude, because it is a way of saying ‘more please’ and when you do this, the Universe responds favorably.

Practice makes perfect and by focusing on those things which make you feel positive you will attract into your life things which allo you to manifest what you want.

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