My Favorite Quote


I found the above  quote on a poster board in the back room of a Metaphysical Shop  that I was reading at about 15 years ago. I love this message. To me it speaks volumes of being passionate about what you want. It is written by Audre Lorde, a Black Lesbian Feminist.

I am becoming  more focused on  manifesting what I want.  In the past I was more concerned about what others thought of me than I needed to be.

When I am passionate about something,   I find it easier to  focus on and move towards my goals,  – even though the steps I take may be slow at times.

My latest vision is to  help others discover and manifest their most authentic selves – regardless of what that may be.   This is only possible  when I have the courage  to move forward.   Do I know what it will look like? No I don’t. It might be classes, or articles or Ted Talks…..that remains to be seen.

The main thing for me is to remain passionate and focused, for in doing so I will manifest the courage needed to move ahead.















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