MY 2022 New Years List

I would like to share a tradition that I have been doing for over 20 years.
Each New Year’s Eve and Birthday I create a list of Three things I have attained during the past year. Then I create another list of three things I intend to manifest the upcoming year.

Here is this year’s list:
In 2021 I:
(1) D eveloped a stronger relationship with Spirit, Source, God
(2) Taught more online classes
(3) Returned to volunteering in person.

During 2022 I Intend to:
(1) Continue creating a stronger relationship with Spirit,
(2) Continue cultivating gratitude in all aspects.
(3) Find and Move into my Divinely perfect place to live.

Having this practice every year gives me a clearer idea what I ve accomplished during in the past year and then helps me decide what to manifest in the new year.

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