Moving Day


I moved last month. First time in about six years. 6th time in approximately 35 years.

This time moving was a little more of a challenge than I remember it being before.

I really hadn’t expected or planned to move; I was happy in the place I was living. However, circumstances beyond my control c created a situation requiring me to move.

During process, I encountered some obstacles, or stepping stones. Rents in the places I wanted to live seemed exorbitant. The number of applicants at the places I thought of moving to far outnumbered their vacancies.
At times I considered moving to a less desirable place, but Spirit continued to urge me to hang in there and continue on my search.

After about two years, I was rewarded, when one of the places I had applied at had a vacancy. The letter informing me of the vacancy had been written on my mom’s birthday- which to me was indication this was a good thing. If interested in this place, I needed to call them by the end of the month.

I went in the next week, not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. The location was perfect. The apartment was smaller than the place I was in, but still large enough for to provide for everything Gracie Mae (my cat) and I needed. The rent was affordable, and best of all, there was an incredible view of the city from my window. Three weeks later I was living in my new place. I love it here!

So, here’s what I learned: People are good, and willing to help just because they are good. I also realized that you are always in the place you need to be a, although it may not seem that way at the. And finally, all my needs are provided for. And finally…If you Leap, the net will always be there.

I hung the last picture on Saturday (the same day my new loveseat arrived), and my internet will be reinstalled later today. So, all in all, I am settled.

So, in looking back at everything that has happened this past month, re my move, I have to say that this month this month, I not only moved physically, I think I also moved and expanded Spiritually.




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