Meditation & Prayer

It has been said that when we pray we ask and when we meditate we listen. Both are equally important.

I have posted articles about, and am I am a firm believer in the advantages of regular meditation. I have taught dozens how to meditate, and I do it daily. The benefits are many: connection with your Higher Spiritual Self, enhanced intuition, increased calmness, better decision making abilities and more. I cannot even begin to explain the difference meditation has made in my daily life.

About two years ago I became a Prayer Partner  at a local spiritual community. Once a month, following Sunday Services, I sit and pray with anyone who asks. I love doing this as well and have seen some incredible results. from regular prayer.

I have found that, for myself  at least,  when I pray and meditate together, each becomes more powerful. This is possibly because I am better able to quiet my mind and listen more.

At any rate, I wanted to share because doing both these things together this have helped me so much. Maybe there’s something here you can also use.

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