Listening. I don’t always listen. Sometimes I ignore the message or insight Spirit is urgently trying to give me. I don’t know what in my ego causes me to think I know better than God, but clearly there is a part of me which does this. It is almost like I get lazy. For instance, I know I need to meditate more. I can see a difference when I do. My connection to Spirit is so much clearer, and the results are obvious .I am happier, more intuitive, energetic, positive (the list goes on and on…)

I think you get the idea. †he thing is, although I know meditation works, I don’t always do it when I recognize -on some level- the absurdity of the whole thing. Here I have the perfect (or so it would seem) method for really making positive change in my life, and I don’t do it as much as I think I should. I want that extra half hour of morning sleep (even though I am probably lying in bed during this time thinking I should be up meditating. I guess the question I am asking about here is the reason I would reject doing something which would be so beneficial.

I guess it is because I am still a work in progress. It has been said †hat ‘prefect’ mean ‘finished’ I can’t tell l you whern I originally heard this, but it seemed to be the perfect excuse for or procrastination). (‘I’m not perfect so it must be ok if I don’t do something (even if I know doing it would benefit me).

Anyway I guess all of this boils down to making the changes I need in order to progress, in the way I feel necessary. Knowing what I need to do, dosn’t necessarily mean I always will. I think recognition of the need to change (and acceptance of this condition) is the first step. towards doing it.

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