I used to work in classified advertising sales. One of my coworkers was an incredible salesperson. She consistently surpassed any quotas she was given.

I asked her, one time, what her secret was.

She looked at me very intently. Then she spoke slowly and deliberately. ‘I do well because no one ever told me I couldn’t’, she replied.   Her answer caused me to thing. Mindset is everything. Henry Ford used to say ‘If you think you can and you think you can’t…you’re right. ’. Positive thinking encourages the mind to be open to receptive. As you envision things occurring in the way you want them to, the Universe conspires to help it manifest

You see, the mind really doesn’t recognize the difference between thoughts and what is actually happening

So allow yourself to remain focused on what you want.  And see it happening. For in doing this, you are creating the vision to allow it to manifest.




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