Manifestation in a Nutshell

Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” emphasizes how much attitude determines success or failure.

I  have always loved manifestation.  Creating/attracting what you want to attain. The mind does not recognize the difference between what is happening and what you think is happening. So if you do have a goal, you want to bring in the energy to allow this to happen.

Vision boards are one way to do this. Put simply: a vision board is a poster board with cut out pictures of something you want. There are several tips to doing this. (1). Vision boards should only be about one subject. (2) The board should be put in a place you can see it  daily and (3) you want to write three little words on it in the lower right hand corner ‘Or something better’.

Abraham Hicks is huge on the Law of Manifestation (AKA LOA) , and emphasizes feeling what you want as another a way of raising your vibration to create what you want.

Doing this gets you in the mindset and energy flow so you are filled with ideas to help you attract what you want. And if you allw yoursel , but if you to get into the place or space of feeling and envisioning what you want to attain, you can speed things up.

I read, at Shining Lotus, a Metaphysical Bookstore, every Friday. and love it. I have been at the store about 6 years. Before COVID, I had no problem getting clients to come in. During Covid, however, the readers were out for about a month. When we returned, I found that. I had fewer clients. People would come into the store and ask whether I was a reader. I would tell them I am, but never went any further. Not even asking whether they wanted a reading. So I looked at things and changed my attitude and actions. When people came into the store and asked whether I was a reader. I always tell them that I was, and would ask whether they wanted a  reading. I would also tell them I am very good and have been doing this for about 48 years.  Whenever the phone rings, (while I am at the store)  I always say out loud ‘tell them I am here until 6 PM”, even if I don’t know who is calling or what they want. Finally, for the entire week before I see myself getting 3-6 readings that day. It never fails.  That is exactly what happens.

So, my point here is that if you allow see what you want as happening or manifesting, you are that much closer to attaining what you want.


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