Look for the Good

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Yesterday found me in a dilemma, My apartment needed som minor repairs. I had asked  the manager, ‘John’,   about these things more than once, but with no results.  I was getting irritated, and I don’t like feeling this way.  Then I happened to read something to the effect that when t a person is irritating you, just find something about the person that you do like…focus on that instead; I decided to try it.

I reminded myself about what a hard worker ‘John’ can be. I also thought about the fact that, for the most part, he gets things done eventually.  At any rate, I did this for about five minutes, and let it go. As I continued, it got easier, and I ended up feeling quite positive about him.

This morning there was a knock on my door. It was John.  ‘Here are  the things you wanted’, he said.  I thanked him and John left. Weeks of nagging, worrying about when to remind, and just feeling pissed. Taken care of in one evening.  Thoughts really are things, and if you allow yourself to focus on the positive. The Universe almost always responds accordingly.



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