Listening vs Acting- When To Do Either

Listening occurs in so many ways. When we allow ourselves to get out of the mindset that a message will be received in a certain way, we are open, much more flexible and able to hear the messages or information we are being given.

Sometimes listening can be as simple as doing nothing and waiting for the answer/solution to appear. Other times is might be just going with the feeling to act at the moment. I have always been a strong believer in the idea when in doubt do nothing.
My life is a constant balance between action and waiting. Although incredibly intuitive,(there is still a part of me (Virgo Rising), which finds a need to know things will work out, even though deep inside I know they will. The I Ching or book of changes talks about the need to acquire ‘Modesty’. Be humble and open to doing what the moment requires. Then everything falls into place, as it should.

When my part time sales job ended last February, I knew that I needed to do something.. I analyzed what I liked doing, where my skills were strongest and how I could combine them in an easy, relatively effortless plan. I have always loved teaching. Mentoring seemed like the logical step. I had enough interested people, and the time to act.

So I listened to my intuition, and the action I needed to take, and it fell into place beautifully. I started two classes; one in March and the second one in July. In this case ‘listening’ meant going with the signs of what the universe was showing.

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