Listening to Intuition…or Slipping


I learned a hard (literally), lesson last Saturday. I was running late for an appointment, walking along as quickly as I could. Ahead, about 6’, I saw a shiny patch in the pavement.
‘Walk around it’, was the clear urgent message I received.
‘No’ I said, arguing with my intuition. I will look stupid walking in the street to avoid the patch.’ ‘Besides’, I continued, ‘It is so beautiful out, the patch ahead cannot possibly be ice. IT is just shiny water.
5 minutes later I was lying flat on my back after slipping on the ICE (not shiny water).
At any rate, I have been taking it easier than I would like, visiting the chiropractor and getting acupuncture. I am still sore, but getting better.

And so here the lesson I received: Learning to listen to your intuition is so important. I teach this every day. Trust it. Yeah, I am in a little pain, but thankful for the lesson here.
Next time I receive the warning to walk around something, rather than go through it, I will listen.


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