Letting Go

I am going to share: This has been quite a week! I allowed my emotions to interfere with my heart. I worried about stupid, insignificant things, at the price of ignoring my intuition (the still small voice within, which lets me know it will ‘all be ok’). When I do this; when I worry to the degree that Peace of Mind is sacrificed. I am unable to receive the messages and guidance Spirit has for me.

But when I am able to step out beyond my doubt, I find that I am always guided lovingly and consistently: Always… without exception!

When I counsel a person, I often tell them to make friends with their ego- the part within which is seeking to protect them. I wonder why I can’t do the same for myself. I think. for me, the solution may be more meditation. Allowing myself to be silent, to go within, and listen to Spirit. Maybe more meditation will be one of my 2021 resolutions.


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