Letting Go

On Sunday night, after reading at a psychic fair, I lost every dollar I earned at the event. It happened due to (mentally) being in five different places at once. After the fair, I joined several friends for dinner. Once we finished, it was time to pay for our meal(s).
As I took the money out to pay, I absent-mindedly stuffed the remainder in my wallet. Once I got home, I noticed the money was gone. After calling the restaurant we had just left to see if it was there (it wasn’t). I knew the money was a thing of the past.

The strange thing (or maybe not so strange) is I realized it would be ok. There was this strong message. ‘It is fine, you don’t need to do anything else’. So I didn’t. Ordinarily I would have freaked. But I wasn’t-I knew it would be ok. So I said to Spirit. ‘OK, I appreciate the lesson; I know whoever found the money needed it. Could you please, however, let me regain it in some (any) way? The next day I was called to let me know I am on the short list for a job I applied for recently. I also received a check in the mail, which I had been waiting for.

I realized a couple things: from this experience. Trust the process, also, be more focused at all times.
All in all, I am convinced by letting go and accepting the message, things worked out better than I could have even imagined. So, I say, each lesson has a gift or two in it. In this case there were several. By letting go and trusting, I was reminded it all works out. I appreciate the lesson.


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