Let’s Talk About Manifestation

Manifestation is the process of creating. Although this is ideally a positive thing, there are times when things block us from attaining what we desire for any number of reasons. In this article we’ll discuss some the reasons we self-sabotage and ways to turn this around.

Many of our self-sabotaging beliefs begin in childhood. A Psychotherapist named Gay Hendricks examined this in his work with executives. Hendricks discovered that many of them self-sabotaged for reasons (there are four) dating back to childhood. The reasons are fear of outshining, fear of abandonment, you are fundamentally flawed, it is too much work.

How can you tell? Watch language: ‘people like me don’t succeed’, also watch the also become aware of how you might allow yourself to enjoy or feel good up to a point, but then you might tend to limit or block yourself. He refers to this as the upper limits problem. Here’s an example; a girl is having dinner with her parents and younger brother. She is excited and brags that she got great grades, much better than her brother. She looks at her parents in anticipation and discovers that her mother isn’t smiling. So, she gets the message that it isn’t ok to outshine someone.

It’s really easy to pick up others’ emotions, especially if you are an emotional sponge. Here are some suggestions. To help you avoid this.

  • Identify whether you are susceptible
  • Seek the source
  • Distance self from suspected source flush out harm-palm on solar plexus, send loving thoughts
  • Center self, concentrate on breath
  • Shield yourself
  • Manage emotional overload, time limits, private space
  • Seek out positive people and situations
  • Create and maintain haven for disengagement – nature and yoga

I have always felt that the secret to manifesting is gratitude. When you are in gratitude your vibration is harmony, you vibrate to a higher frequency which attracts what you desire. About nine years ago I reconnected with a Facebook friend. It was around Halloween and she posted that she was going to list something she was thankful for every day until Thanksgiving. Well, I thought it was such   good idea I decided to do the same thing. Some days were really easy. I could easily find 3 or 4 things to appreciate. Other times it was harder. But I always did find something and as I continued to do this it got easier and easier and now nine years later I am still doing this. The results have been incredible; as I allow myself to find things to appreciate and be thankful for I find more and more to appreciate and as I appreciate things, my vibrations raise and I am more and more appreciative.

Yes gratitude absolutely raises one’s vibrations

Probably one of the simplest, yet  most effective tools in re to manifestation is that you only tell people directly involved in helping you attain your goals, what they are.

There are many more equally effective tools which can increase your ability to manifest, but my intent is that perhaps  you may find one or more listed in this aricle to be inspirational and helpful.

Good luck! Happy Manifesting!

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