Let’s Discuss Ego

Let’s Talk About Ego. Sometimes I find my ego has a tendency block my spontaneity. EGO (an anachronism for Edging God Out) has one job: to protect you. This means that if you want to do something which the ego is unfamiliar with, it may try to stop you, in order to protect you. Not always, but sometimes. Now this can be positive, except when it keeps you from doing what you want because you fear what ‘might’ happen.

The scenario might look something like this: You want to change careers, and are thinking of going in a direction, such as healing.. You have always wanted to be a healer. You’ve pursued this idea for many years. You’ve just never taken action. Something is holding you back; it is this gnawing feeling which is telling you that you ‘can’t do it. What if you don’t succeed? Well, that’s your ego . When this happens, the best thing is to make friend with your ego. After all, it is just protecting you.

So here’s what you do:

1. You acknowledge your ego. Say ‘EGO’ I hear you’. Doing this has the capability of stopping the feelings – or at least slowing your ego down.‘ Oh, they hear me’,  Your ego says. It feels acknowledged.

2. Then you give your ego a job. ‘Now’ (you continue) Ego help me find a place to work on my healing classes, or (even simpler) ‘Now help me find a place which has really good coffee’.. Just anything to move your ego’s attention elsewhere. So again, the ego is trying to protect you. So you do need it. But you want to control it, rather than letting it be the one in charge. Again, it’s fine to be cautious. Just don’t let caution be a substitute for action

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