Learning to Meditate


If people realized how impoetant meditation is, I am certain that everyone would do it.

The benefits cannot be overstated. Medtation has the potential to allow you to connect with your Higher Self – the part you pray to.  It also allows you to enhance your Intuition by quieting the little voice which gets in the way of just listening and Being. Problems seem smaller. Answers seem clearer and it allows you to feel calmer and more relaxed.  One of the main reasons people don’t meditate is they ‘don’t know how’. But Meditation simply is going within and listening.

I like to Meditate either first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed. I do this by simply finding a flat backed chair, keeping my back straight and my head just slightly bent and eyes either closed or gazing down at the floor. I also place my tongue very lightly on the roof of my mouth where the teeth and roof of my mouth meet. Doing this stimulates the pineal glad and enhances your intuition. The  direction you face when meditatin is also important. The best directions for Meditation are North for Spiritual Liberation and East for Enlightenment. (Less beneficial are South for Status Quo, and West -for others. The reason being that Meditation is something that you should do for yourself.  Times to meditate are also important: Some believe that the most significant times to meditate correspond to the actions of the sun. Either 6am, noon, 6pm or midnight. Others believe that the hours between 3and 4 am are the most Spiritual times. In my opinion, consistency is more important the following a specific time.  The main thing is to do it.



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