It Comes in a Flash

intuitionEach of us has the ability to tune in and receive the answers we might need.  The secret is to trust and go with the first impression you receive.

The reason this can be such a challenge is because these answers can appear in so many  ways. For example, I have an internet weekly radio program which  I have been doing since last December. The statistics show that my audience is still very small and I  to cancel it when several people told me how much they enjoyed listening to it.  Just what I needed to hear to make me decide to continue doing the show.

OR (another example) I cannot decide whether to go see a particular movie, then a friends tells me about this amazing show they saw (the one I am ambivalent about), and i offers to take me.

Things like this. One more example: I was having tooth trouble. I happened to hear about an amazing dentist who my brother really likes. Reasonable and conveniently located.

The point here is that when we get out of the way and let the Universe answer our questions. We always get a response.




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