Isis Renee- Thanks for Everything!

I wasn’t intending to get another cat when, Melinda, an animal communicator called and told me about this cat at Petco. Her name was ‘Nala’, and once we met, I was in love! The next six years were filled with affection, fun and lots of lessons.

Isis renee was my familiar, If you haven’t heard the the term’ familiar’ , it refers to a pet who needs a job, and you (it’s person) are it’s job.¬† I could never mover one or two steps without almost stumbling over her. she was that attached.

I absolutely adored her. Isis (named ‘Nala’ when we met), was an incredible companion. She opened up my heart and taught me how to love. She was always on my lap during my daily and nightly meditations; purring away. She was sweet, affectionate and incredibly intelligent.

Although she experienced chronic kidney disease, diagnosed about a year ago, it didn’t really seem to affect her until about month ago. She became disoriented, and wandered¬† around aimlessly.

About a week ago, she looked at me and ‘silently said ‘it’s time’. She repeated ‘it’s time’. Indeed, it was time to say ‘goodbye’. The next day I realized her confusion was partly due to the fact she had lost her vision in the past couple weeks. This was followed by occasional stumbling when she was standing or walking.¬† And I knew, she was right…it was time.

She crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. afternoon at 4pm on July 20th- The pain is difficult, but I take comfort knowing she is no longer suffering.

Rest in Peace, beautiful girl…you will be missed.

Isis on sofa 2

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