Inside the Rabbit Hutch

Yesterday was my last day to care for my friend, Scott’s two rabbits. Today he returns from a three day business trip. Before this weekend, I really didn’t have much experience with rabbits. I have since learned that there is really an endearing quality to them. Cute as a well as smart, bunnies are also curious, active and friendly. Carlo, the smaller one, (who resembles a small burrow more than a rabbit), has come out of his shell and is becoming more outgoing. Luis (as the other one wants to be called), Is all over the place. I let them run all over the apartment (rabbit proofing Scott’s apartment by closing doors, or putting up baby gates for any unsafe area).  The rabbits got to explore, and I (bribed with peanut butter, chocolate bits and a funny video (‘Death at a Funeral’) Relaxed. A good time was had by all three of us.

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