I Met An Angel Today

Though somewhat long, this experience has made a profound
mark on me, and I would like to share it. Angels come in all shapes,
sizes, even species (as anyone with a loving pet can tell you) This is
quite long, but really touched me. I met an angel yesterday at the bus
stop. It had been a long day, and I was anxious to be home. As I
stood, waiting for the bus, a man came up to me. He was small,
probably mid to late 40’s. (hard to tell with the hoodie he was
wearing). ‘Care to talk’? he asked. I smiled gently, shaking my head
no. ‘You sure? ‘he asked. ‘I’m tired’, I said softly. ‘I’m tired
too’, he said making a face. This made me think. Here was this person
reaching out, to communicate, and I was shutting him down. He then
approached the only other person around, a woman, probably around
early 60’s or so, sitting on a bench, and tried to engage in her in
conversation. ‘You have to understand’, she said, looking at nobody in
particular. ‘That just because people won’t talk to you, is not about
whether you are a good person. (he kept insisting he was a good
person). ‘A lot of people are reluctant to talk to a stranger. It
isn’t that the person isn’t a good person’, but they may have been
burned. I felt impelled to say something. ‘Like she says’, I added,
‘I’m sure you are a really kind person’, and just because someone
doesn’t respond, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it. Even though I
didn’t want to talk, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your reaching
out.’ I added.

The bus came, and I got on, followed by the woman. We didn’t sit next
to each other. I looked for our friend, but he was nowhere to be
found. As the bus driver started the engine, I heard a tapping on the
window of the seat I was sitting at. My friend waved and walked off
into the darkness. I was

deeply touched by this opportunity to communicate with someone I
probably would not have spoken to. About 20 minutes later, the driver
stopped to let someone off. It was the woman from the stop. She
turned, as she stepped out and smiled. ‘Have a good night’, she said.
I am beyond touched, by this situation. I really believe this small
gentle man was an Angel sent to make me more aware and open. And he

bus stop

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