I Keep On Keeping On

Right now I am experiencing a period of growth. Things are challenging, to say the least. The I Ching Hexagram I received, when I threw the coins re this, indicated that I am experiencing a time of change. I was advised to go with the flow and not fight the obstructions. To try to force things in a specific way would be hindering the transformation which is now occurring. I am reminded of the farmer who, impatient with the growth of his crops, went out in the field and pulled them up to see why they were taking so long to grow. My dear grandmother, Fran, used to say ‘This Too Shall Pass’ (it always did). My mother Phyl (short for ‘Phyllis’) handed me a poem on a card once. The poem’s title was ‘Don’t Give Up. So I persevere, realizing that sometimes the hardest shell contains the sweetest fruit, and that this too will pass.

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