Here is My 2022 Birthday List

Tomorrow, September 28th, is my Birthday.

Every birthday (and New Year’s) I create a list of three things I have accomplished during l the year.  I then list three things I intend to manifest in the next year.

Here is This Years List:
This year I:
• Moved into a New Place
Began reading at a new Metaphysical store.
Watched my Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup membership increase to 3820 members.

This coming year I intend to:
• Travel
• Learn and develop new metaphysical modalities
• Increase my Connection with Spirit.

Doing this allows me to get a perspective on where I have been and what the next steps will be. I am amazed at how effective doing this for the past 30 years has been. There have been times this year when I really wondered where I was going or what I was accomplishing. This list making practice allows me to gain some perspective of where I am going and where I have been.


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