Hearing the Signs

Sometimes listening requires relying on senses other than hearing. When I am tired, I need to take it easy, if possible. Maybe take another day to do some things. For example: After church this morning, I thought I would go to the gym and work out. As I got closer to my location, I became increasingly reluctant to go in. I began to create a list of reasons I wanted to choose home over gym. The first one was the heaviness in my body. Lack of sleep combined with increased activity had taken its toll on me. I was tired. I needed a day to simply rest and regroup.

I also had a ‘to do’ list as long as my arm. There were so many unfinished and planned projects needing attention, that just thinking of them was stressful. Everything, the feeling of physical exhaustion, the emotional worry of things I needed to do, the constant dialogue with myself about needing more time in my day all pointed to the need to chose home over the gym. As I walked by the gym (and kept on going) I was struck by the lightness my decision had crated.

Once home, I was able to advertise some upcoming events, have a wonderful Skype conversation with a close friend, make a nice dinner and even clean my kitchen.I now feel refreshed, uplifted and ready for a new week. Sometimes its important to respect the messages you receive, even though they aren’t what you expected.


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