Having Any Fun?

Lately I have been trying to enjoy myself more. I am most successful when I avoid having preconceived notions re how things are ‘supposed’ to be. Yesterday evening I was walking over to feed a friend’s cat, when it started to snow. The snow from that week’s blizzard was still on the ground, making for a challenging and difficult journey. Part of me was tempted to turn around, go home and just feed the cat twice as much the following day. I knew that waiting another day to feed ‘Sneakers’ wasn’t an option, so I grabbed my umbrella and started on on my 6 block walk. The snow was falling softly, as I began walking. It was beginning to get dark, yet the streetlights made everything as though the time was earlier than 5PM. People seemed to be in an especially cheerful mood. ‘Merry Christmas’, we called to anyone passing by. The fact that it was Christmas Eve only added to the magic of the evening. I had a wonderful time. Having been cooped up most of the week before (due to the snow), made my walk especially enjoyable. The point is, I went out, walked to my friend’s, with no expectations, and ended up having an absolutely delightful walk.

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