Happy Birthday to Me – Birthday List For This Coming Year

In about an hour I will celebrate my birthday. Every year on my birthday (as well as on New Years Eve) I list three things I have accomplished during the year. I then follow this up with a list of three things I intend to manifest during this coming year.
Here’s This Year’s List:
This year has been one of incredible growth, service and manifestation. During this year I
(1) Became stronger and more positive
(2) Received an incredible healing on almost every level
(3) Became more appreciative of all I have

Next Year I
(1)Intend to go to Peru & travel extensively
(2) Manifest more clients and assist them in their services (and do this as a full time, paying job)
(3) Intend to move into a wonderful place with a porch or balcony, or fenced yard

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