Gratitude: It Keeps On Giving

Today – filled with trepidation and anxiety-I checked the balance in my checking account. Again, I was fine, but anxiety and worry precluded my realizing this: I am so taken care of. I needed the faith. Sometimes I forget this. but I really am. I must say that using the Abraham Hicks manifestation materials really help. When I remain focused (no, make that ‘allow’, rather than ‘remain focused’) by having a thought that makes me feel good (even something as simple as a beautiful sunset), then my energy, attitude and gratitude increases and builds. The result is a wonderful state of manifestation that carries to all areas of my life. For this I am extremely thankful. Ah, gratitude – the gift which keeps on giving. To sum up: the idea behind the Abraham Hicks manifestation. Simply put, it is this: ‘Find something to feel good about…goodbye’.

Find something to feel good about. This can be a lover, friend, beautiful day, loving pet…almost anything you want it to be.

When you live in gratitude your vibrations are raised, you expect and you create the highest most positive energy imaginable.
Resulting in positive, wonderful results.

About ten years approximately a month before Thanksgiving, ago an ex sister in law, Moria, suggested listing one thing daily you are grateful for until that day. I loved this idea and promptly set about doing so. One day it might be the weather, another day it might be an opportunity to see friends, still another day could be as simple as enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee. I enjoyed doing this so much that two years later I continue to do so. The results have been amazing and transformational. People have contacted me to thank me for doing this and have begun creating their own lists. I have found it easy and fun to increasingly find more and more to appreciate. IT has been a fun, easy, positive experience. Gratitude truly is the gift that ‘keeps on giving’.

I first became acquainted with the idea of using gratitude as a way of raising my vibrations (hence manifesting) when Oprah Winfrey used one of her television shows as a foundation to discuss the benefits of expressing gratitude.
She created a gratitude list. Writing three things daily that she was grateful for. The idea was such an effective popular one, that soon thousands of her followers were doing the same thing.

I find that by expressing and cultivating gratitude, I am constantly being presented with more reasons to be grateful.

This truly is the gift, which keeps on giving – due to the results.

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