The way you are living is a reflection of your thoughts and state of awareness. Change your thoughts (and feelings), change your life. Simple? Not at all. The secret is to keep your thoughts or vibrations focused on positive things. How can you do this, when ‘stuff’ gets in the way? Well, one way I have found that works for me is making a gratitude list. This idea isn’t original; I have just found it to be very effective. The way it works is this: you write down 15-25 things you are grateful for. This cans be as simple as a beautiful day, or as complex as getting a new job. Doing this keeps your mind focused in a more positive way. Even if you only list several things, taking the time and intention to do this really helps. During times when I have no paper and pen (or computer) available, I find that just thinking of things I am grateful for also works.

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