images (2)In October of 2010 a Facebook pal posted that she was going to list something she was grateful for every day until Thanksgiving. I liked the idea so much that I decided to do the same. ‘If nothing else’, I thought, it will remind me to be thankful.’

That was in October of 2010 ( more than 5 ½ years ago )and I am still finding something to be thankful for each day. Some days are easier than others to find something. These are the times when I easily find 4 or 5 things to list. Other times, it’s more challenging  to find anything to post.

I always do find something, however, and this, has really enabled me and recognize how much I already have. It is a way of thanking the Universe and raising your vibration; and when you do this, the Universe continues to bring in more and more things to match it.


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