Going with the Flow

Is something I have long wanted to do. The Buddhists have a saying ‘Faith like water, faith like fire’. Which do you think is preferable? Let me demonstrate by example. Faith like water is slow, steady, consistent. It may take longer to reach its destination, but the result is more permanent, longer lasting. Faith like fire, on the other hand, is fast and furious. It flares up, then it disappears. It may be more flashy, but it burns out quickly, its time is shorter. Life is like that. When I allow myself to develop positive habits, thought patterns and goals, by acquiring small , consistent steps, the result is longer lasting, more permanent. Maybe the destination takes longer to reach, however, the steps to get there are more steady, surer. When I go with the flow, I am able to attain my goals in a smoother less obstructed way.

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